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LC System 4000 Pad Washer Deluxe

The new Lake Country Pad Washer 4000 is here at Waxit!

The System 4000 with Pure Flo® Technology is a self-contained cleaning system featuring a some big improvements over the previous industry leading 3000 model. Effortlessly clean your wool, microfiber, and foam pads with this updated system, ensuring the purest water is always being used to keep your pads spotless when you need them.

The new System 4000 Features some notable improvements over the old model.

New Features:

  • Pure Flo® Technology keeps your cleaning solution and contaminated water in separated basins to ensure the purest water is being used in your pad cleaning process
  • Improved Carrying Handle that helps carry the bucket and balance the unit more effectively
  • Redesigned Wash Plate for increased durability combined with brand-new sealing technology
  • Improved Pump Design eliminates pressure loss while reducing clogging and obstructions
  • Modified Open-Top to decrease the quantity of water and solution from unintentional water spray


How to use:

Simply fill the pail to the desired level with clean water, add one packet of Snappy-Clean Boost™ powder, open the covers and insert the soiled pad attached to the polisher. Run the polisher while pressing repeatedly on the wash plate. The pressing action will activate the pump and draw the cleaning solution from the bottom of the pail into the pad. Use the power of the polisher to agitate and clean the pad and to control the amount of solution brought into the pad. The dirty solution and contaminants will drain into the catch basin where it can be filtered and reused or discarded when the basin is full. Spin-dry the pad inside the unit to complete the cleaning cycle.

Choose from three operating modes for different cleaning levels:
Three operating modes depending on the operator's preference for maintaining the cleaning solution:
1. Filtered - the cleaning solution is continuously recycled through a replaceable 10 micron filter at the bottom of the catch basin. The filtered cleaning solution drains to the bottom of the pail for repeated cleanings.
2. Captured - the catch basin retains the dirty solution without the use of a filter. Simply fill the pail to the bottom of the catch basin (1.6 gallons), close the drains on the basin, then discard the dirty solution when the basin is full.
3. Standard - remove catch basin and use full pail until cleaning solution needs to be replaced.