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Nv SHIFT | Waterspot & Limescale Remover

An easy to use, safe, and effective water spot remover for coated & uncoated surfaces.

Nv Shift is a spray and rinses water spot remover for coated & uncoated vehicles. It's mildly acidic base helps break down water spot marks if attended to early before they etch the clear coat or coating.

Water spots are the most common form of contamination in climates with contaminated rain and temperature fluctuations like here in Australia. It is important when spotting these marks to try and get on top of them asap!

Nv Shift can safely remove these marks and will not deteriorate most waxes, sealants & coatings. It will not effect Nova Jet, Nova Lustre or Nova EVO.


  1. Spray onto cloth and wipe over the surface
  2. Work in the product lightly, no more than half a panel at a time.
  3. Rinse off.
  4. Follow up with NV Clarity to ensure there is no residue left on the surface.