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Poorboys Polish with Carnuaba 946mL

The Perfect AIO from Poorboys

Polish with Carnauba (PWC) is a preferred choice for hand polishing vehicles, boats, RVs, or trailers. Specifically formulated for lighter-colored vehicles or any gel coat (where product tint absorption may occur), PWC is a non-abrasive polish enriched with #1 Brazilian Carnauba Wax. As an All-In-One (AIO) polish, PWC not only cleans and shines but also leaves a protective wax coating. This eliminates the need for a separate wax application, especially advantageous for large surfaces like RVs or boats.

Additionally, PWC seamlessly integrates with machine polishers, efficiently restoring paint shine, lustre, and slickness while providing a protective wax layer. Ideal for professional detailers, this versatile product can be used in both sunny and shaded conditions. PWC excels on gel coats, tackling oxidization effortlessly even in the absence of shade. Featuring "dead pigment targeting," it effectively removes oxidization, making it safe for use over decals. Streamlined and easy to apply, PWC delivers top-notch performance for a glossy finish and lasting protection.