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Polish Angel | Iron Serum

Polishangel Iron Serum is a highly effective iron remover that is designed to remove iron-based contaminants and brake dust from the bodywork and wheels.


Iron Serum is a pH neutral iron remover that has been specifically formulated to target iron-based contaminants. It can be used on all affected surfaces on the car, including paint, metals and wheels.

The use of Iron Serum will aid the decontamination process, making it much more thorough, and a lot easier when claying the car. It will also greatly reduce the chance of marring when using clay.

If your serious about proper decontamination, Iron Serum is for you.


  • Highly effective on removing iron-based contaminants
  • pH neutral, safe to use
  • Simple and easy
  • Makes the claying process easier, and safer


  1. Apply to cool surface
  2. Shake well before use
  3. Apply with a small circular motion to the desired areas
  4. Allow product 5 minutes to work in
  5. Rinse off with water