Scholl Concepts ERASER Clay Bar 200g

Scholl Concepts


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A professional grade paint decontamination clay made of the highest quality materials to safely and effectively remove bonded contamination that is not otherwise removed by standard washing and maintenance methods.

Scholl's eraser clay is designed with the perfectionist in mind, used in conjunction with a quality clay lubricant the eraser clay will gently exfoliate contamination that is attached to the paints microscopic capillary structures that would otherwise interfere with the effectiveness of polishing products and last step wax and paint sealant products. 

A long held industry maxim: "preparation! preparation! preparation!" is at the core of this product and will ensure the highest quality results for your vehicle whether you are a professional detailer or a weekend enthusiast. 


  • Long lasting clay material will last for dozens of vehicles 
  • High quality professional grade materials 
  • Effective yet gentle and safe 
  • Quality storage container to ensure long term storage between jobs



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