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Scholl Concepts ICE Glass Cleaner Gel 500ml

Scholl ICE Glass Cleaner is a revolutionary 2 in 1 glass cleaning product that both effectively cleans glass as well as seals it in one step. The sealant component in ICE aids in preventing the buildup up of 'fog film' on interior glass surfaces.

Scholl ICE is designed to be a non drip formula that clings to the surface, even when it is vertical, meaning the product stays on the glass to be cleaned and doesn't drip on adjacent surfaces, wasting product and causing additional work to clean up the mess. This makes it perfect for interior windshields and passenger windows.

Available in the Waxit Glass Cleaning Kit!


  • Effective glass cleaner
  • Polymer sealant keeping glass cleaner for longer and protecting against hard water stains
  • Non drip formula
  • Inhibits fog film buildup
  • Repels water and road film