Scholl Concepts Intermediate Purple Spider Pad

Scholl Concepts


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Scholl Concepts Purple Spider Pad is an intermediate grade foam polishing pad designed to work on softer paint types with S20 Black one step compound. It's spider structure allows effective heat management meaning you still get adequate cut without compromising the finish.


Suitable for use on Dual Action and Rotary polishers the purple spider can be paired with various compounds to achieve an adequate cut and a high gloss finish that needs no further refining. As the pad generates heat from use, it's effectiveness for finishing increases. 


  • Spider structure for superior heat management 
  • Versatile cut and polish abilities 
  • Durable foam and velcro 
  • Suitable for all paint types and polishers



Scholl Concepts S20 Black 

Scholl Concepts S17+

Scholl Concepts S30+


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