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Scholl Concepts Purple Foam Light Cutting Pad

The Purple Spider Pad is the perfect intermediate pad, and can be used to rid paintwork from moderate defects, unlocking a deep, wet gloss.

The Scholl Concepts Purple Spider Pad is an innovative pad that is designed to be used with intermediate compounds to abolish medium defects in the paintwork. This includes things like swirls, scratches, holograms and haze.

The Spider like formation of the pad accelerates and improves the abrasive cycle, allowing you to achieve a more efficient bout of polishing. This also increases the overall performance of the polishing set due to the increased surface area of the pad. The recesses also lets the pad conform to edges and curves a whole lot better which also aids performance.

With a medium hardness density closed cell structure this pad is a perfect match for Scholl Concepts S20 Black for one step polishing or Scholl Concepts A15+ for all in one applications.

Key Features

  • Made to compliment Scholl Compound range
  • Can polish while also removing light to moderate defects
  • Good for soft and hard paints alike