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ShineMate EX610 15mm DA Polisher Kit

The ShineMate 15mm DA Polisher kit is perfect for any beginner or enthusiast.

The Shine Mate machines are an innovative leap forward in design, specification, ergonomics, and versatility. With unrivaled smoothness, maximum heat efficiency, and a versatile 5” backing plate, the 15mm machine is the ultimate all-rounder - with the ability to cut heavy defects as well as finish down equally as gracefully.

The ShineMate machines have adopted a unique speed stabilising system that intuitively anticipates a slowdown of rotation speed. The machines will help you adapt to your situation and safely remove defects from the vehicle's painted surface without a requisite adjustment of technique in order to deliver a professional finish whether you’re a beginner, enthusiast, or detailer.

For a Limited time, this kit will include a Free Scholl W6 Black Coatwax (Only for 250g Kits), a super durable and glossy coatwax to finish off your hardwork.

Yellow, Blue, and Red Diamond Shine mate Black Diamond Pads also accompany the 15mm machine, which are suited to the 5" backing plate.

  • The Yellow black diamond pad is a very versatile cutting pad, offering a high rate of cut and excellent finish that can be used on all paint systems
  • The Blue black diamond pad is ideal for moderate and light defect removal, while still has the ability to produce an excellent finish.
  • The Red black diamond pad is a brilliant finishing pad that can be used on a variety of different paint systems

The kit also comes with 3 compounds, Scholl Concepts S2 Black, S20 Black and S30+

  • S2 Black is a fantastic cutting compound that is extremely versatile and can be used on a variety of paint finishes
  • S30+ Is a fantastic finishing polish, with the ability to remove any light defects whilst finishing to a very high gloss
  • S20 Black easy clean is our most popular compound! It is the perfect solution for vehicles that only need a light cut, that want to finish amazingly in one step.


  • 15mm EX610 ShineMate Polisher
  • 2x Yellow Black Diamond Pad
  • 2x Blue Black Diamond Pad
  • 2x Red Black Diamond Pad
  • Scholl Concepts S2 BLACK 250g or 500g
  • Scholl Concepts S30+250g or 500g
  • Scholl Concepts S20 Black 250g or 500g
  • FREE Scholl Concepts W6 250g (Only for 250g Kit)