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Shine Supply Bug Off

Don't get bugged, removing bugs/insects is easy with Bug Off!

Shine Supply Bug Off is a fantastic product, that makes removing bugs and insect debris from your paint almost effortless. It can be used on all surfaces including paint, glass, aluminium, chrome, plastics, and vinyl. You will literally watch the bugs and insect debris begin to dissolve upon contact with this special formulation.

All those nasty bug remains don't only look bad, but can also cause some serious damage to your vehicle if left untreated. When bugs smash onto your car, they are splattered and mixed all over the surface. Over time, these remains can become an acidic goop that bonds to the surface and can eat away at it.

If not properly treated and removed by a bug & tar remover in a timely matter, etchings and discolorations can occur. To prevent all this, easily get rid of this all with Bug Off!

Bug off must be diluted, and we have found that a 3:1 dilution ratio is perfect.


  • Concentrate, with a dilution ratio of 3:1
  • Easy & effortless spray application
  • Instant reaction with bug/insect debris
  • Incredible cleaning power