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Shine Supply Fabric RX

The best prescription for tough stains.

Shine Supply Fabric RX is a tough fabric cleaner, that can be diluted down or used straight depending on the task at hand.

Use straight to remove Tannin Stains (coffee, tea, wine, etc.) or Water Stains/Browning. Apply directly to the stain and place a clean towel over the stain and apply pressure using a brush or your hand. This will soak up the stains from the fibers. Rotate the towel and press multiple times. Repeats the above steps till desired results are achieved.

For water stains apply directly to the affected area. Using a microfiber towel, massage into the surface and follow with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Allow the area to dry and inspect. Repeat the process if needed.

Use a Dilution 10:1 for General fabric cleaning, pH neutralizing and fabric softening. For pH neutralizing and minimizing re-soiling apply directly to the surface. Using a carpet brush, lightly brush the surface to spread product evenly over the fibers