• Waxit Spray Coating Kit

Waxit Spray Coating Kit

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Enter the new generation of car care with innovative Spray Coatings. Instantly achieve that wet look, and make your car practically clean itself with immense protection and repellency!

The new Waxit Spray Coating Kit introduces the new silica based Spray Coatings Nova Jet and Lustre. These new innovative spray coatings are incredibly easy to use and boost gloss levels to new heights that were once though unachievable.

Nv LUSTRE (which should be applied first with a damp cloth) provides a durable, glossy layer that fills any minor defects (holograms, haze or minor scratches). It produces an intense "wet look" that gives you an incredible slickness and amazing and sharp reflections.

The Nv JET on the other hand further boosts this gloss and reinforces the Lustre by adding a crazy repellent layer on its surface, repelling water and any other contaminants from adhering to the surface.

With these two sprays working together, your car will become a mirror. Intense gloss will be oozing out of every panel, whilst staying cleaner for longer and being incredibly easy to maintain thanks to Nova Jet.

Enter the new generation of car care today with innovative spray coating technology!

Available in 250mL bottles.