• Waxit Wheel Care Kit

Waxit Wheel Care Kit

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The perfect kit to help keep your rims clean and tyres looking their best. 

This new wheel care kit is specifically designed to make wheel care easier, and more effective than ever before! It is a great gift idea for the fussy car enthusiast who loves clean wheels and tyres!

Through the use of NV PURGE, your rims can be cleaned effortlessly. Iron, graphite and dirt will be chemically broken down, and easily rinsed off. If heavy contamination is present, then the Economax Microfiber Wheel Brush can come in handy, getting into those hard to reach areas, and ensuring all dirt and grime is removed from the rim.

Purge can be use in a touchless method; liberally spray Purge over the entire wheel area, allow it to dwell for up to five minutes or before it starts to dry and then preferably using a pressure washer, rinse the whole wheel area down thoroughly.

Purge can be used in a physical cleaning method; Rinse the wheel area first to remove as much loose dirt and grime as possible, spray purge over the wheel area and allow it to dwell, then using a section of wheel brushes you can physically agitate and remove the dirt and contamination for a more in depth cleaning process.

Next, use the Tyre Applicator and NV ONYX to transform those tyres, and get them looking better than new. Onyx tyre dressing can be used to protect and enhance your car tyre walls with a beautiful satin sheen finish
Apply a bead of Onyx along your applied applicator and begin wiping and massaging the dressing into the tyre wall as evenly and consistently as possible. For a slightly glossier satin finish just allow Onyx to dry on its own accord for an hour or so before driving the vehicle, for a more matte to satin finish you can use a cloth to wipe and level the dressing down and hour after applying it.

Onyx gives a great satin look and does not sling. No oily, or black residue either, just great looking tyres for weeks! Not days...