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CarPro Fog Fight | Anti-Fog Agent

Fog Fight by CarPro is a super hydrophilic coat (less than 20 deg. Contact angle) that eliminates tiny water condensation on glass surfaces.

A constant annoyance, particularly in the winter months, is interior windshield fog build-up. Not only is it displeasing but it's also hazardous to your vision and could lead to an accident when driving in already poor visibility.

Resistant to heat, cold, high humidity and sudden temperature changes - even when your job means working up a sweat.

With a no residue or streak application, you can keep your vision fog and hassle free.

Suitable for Side and rear view mirrors too!

Key Features

  • Safe and effective on all glasses, lens types
  • Single application cleans and stops fog
  • Anti-fog treatment in one step
  • One application lasts a very long time if not touched
  • Goes on clear, no haze, no streaks
  • In lab tests, no fog formed after 60 minutes over boiling water or a hundred cycles of heat-and-cold

What's in the Kit:

  • Fog Fight 100ml
  • Applicator Block
  • 2 x Suede Applicators 10cm
  • 1 x Suede Applicator 20cm

    Applicator Directions:

    1. Shake well before use.
    2. Apply on a surface, spray on, apply thoroughly with the suede wrapped over the applicator, then remove the excess with a clean dry suede or microfibre cloth.
    3. Do not touch, rub or clean after application