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Lake Country Microfiber Polishing Pad

A unique Microfiber polishing pad that allows for a medium-high level of cut, whilst creating a great finish.

The Lake Country Microfiber Cutting pad uses its unique microfiber material, and softer foam interface to provide fantastic cutting capabilities, whilst also finishing down to an incredible high gloss finish. These new microfiber pads mat down less quickly which results in reduced pad temperatures and consistent cutting ability. Less spurring between passes allows for less downtime during the polishing process.

These microfiber pads are constructed with thousands of strands of premium microfiber technology. They also feature a softer foam interface compared to the Lake Country Cutting Microfiber Pads, which may compromise the level of cut slightly, but increases the finishing capability greatly.

This unique pad is often referred to as the one step microfiber pad, as its unique design allows for great levels of cut, and fantastic finishes on all paint system. This a very versatile microfiber cutting pad, and is perfect for the enthusiast and professional detailer.

To understand more about Microfiber Polishing Pads, check out our blog.

Lake Country Microfiber Pads:


  • High quality microfiber technology
  • Fantastic cutting ability
  • Softer foam interface allows for better finish
  • Fast results
  • Can be used on all paint systems