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Rupes Bigfoot Blue Coarse Microfibre Pad

The Rupes BigFoot Blue Coarse Microfibre Pads have been specifically designed to work with dual-action polishers and are able to achieve exceptional cut yet still finish down relatively well on various paint types.

In more recent years, detailers have discovered just what a truly effective and efficient material microfibre is to polish with. By utilising the smallest man-made fibre in existence, microfibre pads are able to dramatically increase the surface area of a polishing pad to massively escalate its performance.

However, the greatest issue affecting microfibre pads is the increased heat they generate that can lead to the pads premature deterioration or even worse, can lead to damaging the paint. The new Rupes microfibre pads contain a completely unique single-piece moulded construction that significantly reduces the chance of pad deterioration due to increased heat that almost all other glued pads suffer from. Just as impressive is the pad’s vented and patented air flow design that makes it the coolest running microfibre pad on the market today.

When the maximum amount of cut and defect removal is required, these microfibre pads are by far the best option to correct even the hardest of automotive paints. They can tackle sanding marks as coarse as 1200-1500 grit yet still finish down amazingly well particularly on medium to harder paints.

For peak performance in both cutting and finishing qualities, Rupes recommends using the blue coarse microfibre pads with Rupes Zephir Gloss Coarse Compound.


Pad Size (BP) Pad Size (Face) Suitable Machines
100mm 3.5" LHR75E, LHR75
150mm 6" LHR15II, LHR15ES, LHR12E, LK900E w/ 125mm BP
180mm 7" LHR12II, LHR21ES, LK900E w/ 150mm BP