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Rupes HLR21 21mm Kit | Dual Action Cordless Polisher

Meet the brand new HLR 21mm Cordless Polisher. Smoother, more powerful & quieter than ever. Get ready for the best Bigfoot yet.

The Rupes HLR21 Dual Action Cordless Polisher has been completely engineered from the ground, featuring new innovations & features such as the new brushless motor & housing, improved battery technology, polyfiber gears, ultra thin backing plate, led indicators & much more! All of these features combined give you a polisher that has increased power, better durability, a smoother & quieter experience - all whilst reducing user fatigue. 

So how does the HLR21 do this? Well to start, the brand new polyfiber gears & the ultra thin backing plate are specifically engineered to provide a much quieter and smoother operation, which also reduces vibration & user fatigue, creating a much more comfortable and precise user experience. Next, the new brushless motor has been redesigned, and engineered from the group up using in-runner technology, to create a much more efficient, & powerful output. 

The overall profile of the machine ensures a lower centre of gravity, resulting in a much more stable, and controlled operation - even further increasing the balance and smoothness of the tool. All of these factors have contributed to an impressive 24% reduction of weight over previous 21mm DA versions, without compromising on their power or efficiency. 

They have also incorporated a new mechanical, anti-spinning ring which is designed to minimise friction, thereby reducing the heat during operation allowing for announced rotation, creating even greater cutting ability. 

The body also comes with a new unique led strip, that gives a visual indicator regarding the battery life of the unit, and if there is excessive pressure, or any force on the machine that may result in damaging the unit. 

Overall, this cordless polisher features an array of technological advancements, and innovations that make this the best Bigfoot that has ever existed. 


  • Up to 40 minutes of use on a single charge 
  • Dual charger + 2 batteries allows for 100% uptime for polishing
  • New brushless motor & design allows for optimal ventilation, increasing efficiency and maximum output to 350 watts
  • Durability & power of the machine overall is increased
  • The smoothest and quietest machine on the market, with less vibration & noise than ever before
  • Perfectly balanced so minimise user fatigue
  • Slim profile results in a lower centre of gravity, further increasing stability & smoothness
  • LED light indicator to provide a visual cue on battery/any excessive force
  • 24% reduction of weight compared to previous 21mm models 


  • The kit comes with the polisher itself, x2 batteries & a charger. 
  • Voltage: 18v
  • Max Output: 350w
  • Battery Life: 30-40 minutes  |  Charging Time: 50 minutes
  • Orbit: 21mm
  • Backing Plate Size: 6" 
  • No Load Speed: 3000 - 4400rpm
  • Weight: 4.3kg (with battery)