• Waxit Enthusiast Wash Kit

Waxit Enthusiast Wash Kit

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Introduce Snow Foam into your wash, along with high quality microfiber - and make your wash so much safer, easier & far more effective!

The new Waxit Enthusiast Wash Kit comes packed with products that are specifically designed to make washing your car safer, and much more effective. 

Most paint defects, such as swirls and scratches, are caused in the washing process. Sometimes this is due to incorrect washing techniques, or can be hard to avoid if the car is in a filthy condition prior to washing.

This is where our new Wash Kit comes in. Our kit comes with two unique snow foam washes, the high quality Waxit foam cannon along with Korean microfiber accessories - including a wash mitt & drying towel. 

These washes include Nv SNOW which is our pH neutral, maintenance wash - and Nv SNOW+, an intensified foaming wash that is perfect for removing more stubborn dirt & grime.

Simply put, snow foam relates to when a car wash is foamed, usually with the help of a pressure washer - which creates a thick layer of suds over the car that looks like a blanket of snow.

This layer of wash produced by our foam cannon helps loosen tough grime, allowing you to remove the majority of dirt with just a rinse.

This makes your handwashing process much safer, as most of the contamination has already been washed off.

If you are looking to upgrade your wash game, then our enthusiast kit has you covered!

To learn more about the benefits of snow foam, check out our detailing guides.

Be sure to choose the right attachment for your pressure washer! If you aren't sure, check out the second photo to view available attachments - or email us at info@waxit.com.au with some photos and we will do our best to assist! 


  • Nv Snow 1L
  • Nv Snow+ 500mL
  • Waxit Foam Cannon
  • SUPERCELL Drying Towel
  • CLOUDBURST Wash Mitt



Before washing your car, make sure it is cool to the touch, and you aren't in direct sunlight. It’s best to try to wash the car in the morning, late afternoon or on a cooler, overcast day.

  • Start by diluting either SNOW (for regular maintenance washes) or SNOW+ (for a pre-wash, or for those tougher jobs) in your Foam Cannon at a ratio around 1:8 - 1:10 
  • Begin to cover your car with the foam washing solution, starting from the bottom up, for a better dwell time on the car.
  • Let the wash dwell on the surface for about 5-10 minutes to let the dirt & grime soften/loosen.
  • Rinse off the snow foam thoroughly, and we can get ready for our hand wash.
  • Now complete a hand wash process on the car (we recommend a Two Bucket Wash Method for the best results, using something like our Waxit Grit Guard Wash System).