• Waxit Waterless Wash Kit

Waxit Waterless Wash Kit

Waxit Car Care

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An easy to use, safe, and effective waterless wash kit that both cleans and enhances your vehicle! 

The Waxit Waterless Wash Kit utilizes SiO2 technology in conjunction with quality lubricants to create a fantastic and safe water-less washing & enhancing solution. 

The secret to the safe cleansing abilities provided by EcH2o is a combination of its modified high gloss SiO2 component and its innate cleansing abilities, which easily removes dust and light dirt whilst leaving behind a wet, glass-like surface!

Utilizing CarPro Ech2O with high-quality Korean microfiber from Nv allows the water-less washing process to be as safe and effective as possible. 



  1. Shake well and dilute 1:5 ~ 1:15
  2. Spray liberally across one entire panel
  3. Lightly wipe with BREEZE towel
  4. Spray once more across the panel surface
  5. Using the 4SEASONS towel, wipe surface removing the remainder of dust and dirt
  6. Move to next panel, repeat steps 2-5, and continue around the vehicle