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Lake Country SDO Pad Stack

High performance, yet cost effective foam pads, that are ideal for removing light-heavy paint defects and increasing gloss/clarity in paintwork.

Lake Country SDO pads have been engineered with the same great features of the HDO line, such as the centre hole for heat regulation and incredible foam structure. One feature the SDO pads do lack from the HDO pads is the two foam interface design, which harms the pads durability and smoothness. However, they are quite a bit cheaper, and still perform at a very high level on orbital machines.

The black finishing pad is a versatile finishing pad that offers a light level of defect removal, but produces a high gloss finish on all paint systems. These pads are fantastic when paired with a finishing compound, and can be used as a light cutting pad on soft paint systems, or a finishing pads on more hard/intermediate paints.

The orange polishing pad is more of an intermediate pad offering a medium level of cut, with a great finish. It is comprised of a medium density foam that allows for the removal of light-moderate paint defects on all paint systems. It is a very versatile pad, and can be used in a variety of different applications.

The blue cutting pad in particular has a firm, medium density foam that is ideal for removing paint defects on any paint system. It features a tapered edge, which promotes safety and works great on contours/tight areas.

Order of Pads


    • Cost effective, high performance cutting pad
    • Works on all paint systems
    • Light defect removal, high gloss
    • Centre hole for increased heat regulation
    • Tapered edge for safety and better usability