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Shine Supply Cool Breeze

Bad smell? Eliminate the stench - don't mask it!

Shine Supply Cool Breeze is a fantastic odour remover that will eliminate powerful odours - without just temporarily mask it.

Most “air fresheners” only disguise the scent by pushing it aside. Cool Breeze Odour Remover has dominant enzymes that break apart the “smelly” bonds in foul odours, destroying the odour completely.

Cool Breeze can take care of all your odour problems

  • Smoker and cigarette odours
  • Spilt liquids such as coffee
  • Musty odours
  • Vomit and urine odours
  • Pet odours

Not only does Cool Breeze go to war with odours in the present, its enzymes actually stay active and battle new odours in the future.

Comes in a 473mL bottle.