• Shine Supply Wheel Cleaning Kit

Shine Supply Wheel Cleaning Kit

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The wheels are often one of the best looking parts of your vehicle, and they're also one of the first to get filthy.

Keep your wheels clean with ease, with this "sensitive wheel safe" wheel cleaning kit from Shine Supply. The trio collectively is a safe and easy way to keep your wheels clean and looking great for longer.

Wise Guy is one of the best Tyre Cleaners on the market, with its incredible removing power of stubborn yellowing road grime that attaches itself to your tyres.

Cool Guy is a Ph Neutral wheel cleaner that is safe for coated wheels, and isn't too harsh so your sensitive wheels won't be affected. 

And Decked Out is a Concentrate that can be diluted down to control the finish of your tyres, whether you want a very glossy look at 1:1, or you want a more natural looking sheen with 3:1.