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Waxit Foam Gun (Garden Hose) + 1L SNOW

If you don't have a pressure washer, but still want to utilise foam washes for your vehicle then the Foam Gun for Garden Hose is the choice for you.

Foaming your car is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! Utilising Foam in your wash process improves the safety, and effectiveness of your wash. Foam will soften dirt particles, and drag dirt/debris down and off the panels.

Once rinsed off, all dirt and grime will be removed from the car, and any leftover stubborn contamination will be loosened and softened. This can then be simply removed through hand washing.

The Garden Hose will produce some great results, covering the vehicle in a foaming wash that will clean extremely effectively. The foam created will not be as thick as a pressure washer, but will still provide excellent cleaning power.


  • Fill the empty bottle with 20-40% of foaming solution. You can check out some popular foaming washes here.
  • Fill rest the rest of the bottle with warm water and attach the bottle onto the foam lance.
  • Connect the foam lance to your garden hose
  • Turn the Black dial to output "5" to allow for maximum foam output. This can be adjusted to suit the amount of foam you require once the hose is on, but we recommend the maximum output.
  • Turn the garden hose on and start foaming the vehicle.
  • Allow the foam to sit on the vehicle, slowly softening any dirt deposits and gently dragging them
  • Rinse the foam off the vehicle with your regular hose attachment, starting from the bottom of the vehicle in straight horizontal lines, working up.