• Waxit Enthusiast Polishing Kit

Waxit Enthusiast Polishing Kit

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The perfect kit for any enthusiast who wants to safely & easily polish their paintwork and get into machine polishing. 

Our new Waxit Enthusiast Polishing Kit is a fantastic kit for anyone who is looking to remove scratches, restore clarity in the paintwork and achieve that ultimate showroom shine - making any car look even better than new. 

All the products in this kit have been hand selected to make the polishing process extremely safe & effective.

Our kit features the 
Shinemate EX605 12mm Dual Action Polisher. Moving away from traditional Rotaries, DA machines are much safer, as less heat is being produced on the surface of the paint. The smaller body of the EX605 also makes it much easier to handle, allowing you to keep the pad flat. This will provide much better performance, especially for a beginner. This polisher also features fully machined internals, making it a very durable unit, all while being very smooth and easy to work with. 

Alongside our EX605, we will be using 3 different Shinemate Diamond Polishing Pads, featuring cutting, intermediate and finishing levels. These pads are perfectly balanced to the Shinemate machine, run beautifully smooth and are easy to control. Their diamond shape allows them to run much cooler and produce less heat, making them the ideal pads for beginners. 

Similar to our pads, we are also utilising 3 different professional grade, German paint compounds that are very versatile, produce little dust & are super easy to use. These compounds feature advanced diminishing abrasive technology, making them a lot more forgiving even if the product has been overworked. It is also much easier to visibly see the product breaking down, and understand when you are finished.

Using all these products together will allow you to transform your car super easily and very safely with fantastic results. A handy set of products that compliments this kit perfectly is the Machine Polishing Essentials Kit. It comes with an inspection light, cloths, tape, & a pad brush to further enhance your machine polishing. 

If you are looking for a starting kit to get into Machine Polishing, then our Waxit Enthusiast Kit 
is perfect for you. 


    What's in the Kit? 


    Step-by-Step Process: 

    You can watch our video above for a full overview of the kit, as well as in depth instructions on how to use our machine polishing kit, and best practices. 

    • It's always best to start your machine polishing process by setting up test sections, and starting with the least aggressive compound/pad and move your way up if needed. 
    • Before you start, It's best to prime fresh pads with a little more compound. Usually we may use 3 pea sized drops of compound, but when priming to start we may use 6-7. 
    • After your pad is primed, and you have worked out your test sections (approximately 50 x 50cm in size), make sure your pad is nicely centred to the backing plate - to ensure a smooth polishing experience.
    • Next, spread the compound around your test area without turning the machine on. 
    • Set your machine to speed 2, and spread the compound around. Once the compound has been spread, slow down your arm speed, and begin the polishing process on speed 5 with light pressure. 
    • We want to work the compound in, until it breaks down. This typically takes 4-5 polishing passes. We often alternate between horizontal, and then vertical movements.
    • After this, wipe off the leftover polishing residue with a microfiber cloth, and inspect your results.
    • From your results, you can decide whether you should step up to a harsher, or finer compound. 
    • Once you have found a combination you are happy with, you are ready to polish the car and transform it!