• Concours Paint Protection Kit

Concours Paint Protection Kit

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Nova EVO helps make your vehicle much easier to clean, the coating makes surface contamination struggle to adhere, allowing the vehicle to stay much cleaner for longer. The hydrophobic effect of Nova EVO is ground-breaking, the water sheets & beads off the surface at an incredible rate, helping release and clean the coating, which makes maintenance extremely easy.

Don’t just view this product as a paint protective solution, the coating creates a fantastic reflective layer than visually transforms the paintwork. Shades of grey become darker, colours become more vibrant and metallic & pearls are enhanced.

When washing the vehicle, use Snow+ as this designed as a more intense wash and can remove more embedded grime. When maintaining your soon to be coated vehicle, use Concours SNOW. 

After the car has been successfully decontaminated through the use of Concours PURIFY and Concours CLAY, wash the car again with Concours SNOW+ to rid all impurities off the surface. Next, any hand or machine polishing that may be necessary should be performed, to rid the surface of any defects and get it's surface ready to be locked in and enhanced for years to come. It is best to polish the paint before any coating application, not only does this improve the paint's appearance, but it will make sure the surface is completely clean. 

After these steps, wipe down the surface with Concours Clarity, this will ensure all residue from previous stages are gone and the coating can bond directly to the paintwork. 

When applying Concours Nova EVO, work in relatively small sections, (Splitting say a bonnet into 4 sections) apply using straight lines, going back over in the opposite direction to ensure even coverage. Wait up to a minute to wipe off the coating, then buff off with supplied microfiber cloths. 

Do not drive the vehicle for 12-24 hours. Wait a week before washing.


  • Concours Nova EVO
  • Concours Clarity 500mL
  • Concours Purify 500mL
  • Concours Purge 1L
  • Concours Clay Bar
  • Concours SNOW 1L
  • Concours SNOW+ 500mL
  • Concours Nova Jet 250mL
  • Concours BREEZE Purple x2
  • Concours 4SEASONS Purple x2